Graduation and Hope


Photo By Rabjohns

It’s been a very busy four days getting our younger son graduated from High School.

As I listened to the 100 word mini-essay each member of his graduating class wrote to share with extended families and the faculty of his school during the ceremony, I felt hope for the next generation. And, hope is an important thing for all of us. In fact, the Bible says: “Where there is no hope, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)

I do admit to being surprised that only two of these 102 young graduates included gratitude to God among the many things for which they gave thanks and to which they pointed in bringing about their successes thus far. I know that many of the other 100 young men and women do have a church home and a spiritual foundation. But, it isn’t cool these days to openly express spiritual leanings. That’s a shame.

In raising our children, we have worked – like many Americans and families around the world – to provide them with a good education, a stable and loving home environment and opportunities to explore the world beyond Albuquerque, NM. More importantly, we have made sure that they had a spiritual foundation, based in the Bible’s promises and statements of Truth that declare for all mankind the great love with which God created us and maintains us.

Many times, I have reminded my two sons (even when they did not want to hear it) that the most important thing they must gain is a deep understanding of God and who they are as a child of God. If they will do that, I say, any problem – sickness, accident, confusion and fear about their future, damaged relationships with friends or co-workers or family, economic failure and environmental challenges that impact their lives – can be healed. They have seen this demonstrated in our home for the past 20 years as the result of our practice of Christian Science and its effective, Bible-based healing practices.

Nothing could be more useful to the young people of New Mexico and the world as they head off to their big, wide futures.