Healing From the Inside Out

Guest blog by Ingrid Peschke


Today’s News & Culture update: A regular feature of this blog that follows current conversations on health care pointing to the powerful impact of thought and spirituality on physical health, as well as ways in which people are finding results outside of a traditional bio-medical approach to health care. Join the conversation and share your comments on these ideas.

6 Ways to Heal Your Inner Self

Julie Silver, MD, writes:

“One of the most important components of healing is recognizing the powerful connection between your mind and your body. I know this from what I’ve seen in my medical practice and in the research. Studies show that stress and negative emotions can cause a physical reaction (ever get a headache when you’re arguing with a friend?) that can slow your body’s ability to heal. On the flip side, positive thinking and feelings can help you recover, whether it’s from a sprained ankle, arthritis or cancer.” Read more:  Ways to Manage Stress – How to Heal Yourself – Woman’s Day

Sports Injuries Can Heal Naturally If Done Right

Dr. Paul Aaron writes:

“This week, I saw a severe knee problem resolve—almost entirely—without surgery and without drugs.”

Does Prayer Heal Disease . . . Really?

“In medicine, we see the touch of God all the time, but it is called “spontaneous remission.” If it happens at a prayer meeting, then God gets the credit! Otherwise it is just said to be one of those inexplicable marvels of the human body.

Is there any science that tells us whether prayer is working or not? You bet!”