Starting Over

Photo taken and shared with me by Melissa Campbell, Toronto, CA

Dear Friends,

To those who have wondered what is going on with this site, here’s the scoop.  I am new as the Committee on Publication for New Mexico and there have been many aspects of this work to learn, only one of which is blogging.  After making some feeble attempts at managing this blog, I decided to take a class.  The following is what I hope to achieve and what you now have to look forward to…

Beginning next Monday, October 15, 2012, and at least two Mondays each month, you will find a post from me and written by me.  I will refer to these as having come “From My Garden”.  On Tuesdays I plan to share “Social Cultivations” I have found in the Media that are in keeping with the ideas presented in Monday’s blog.  On Wednesdays I’ll share “Seeds for Thought” that will be focused on providing metaphysical support for the ideas we’re exploring.  And I will conclude most weeks on Thursday with a guest blog from someone else out there doing good work and thinking great things worth being shared.  That’s right, Thursdays will be about “Sharing the Harvest”.

I trust that you will join me in this thoughtful journey and that together we will explore new ways of thinking about old ways of being.

Until next week, let me leave you with a little something to chew on.  In Ephesians 4:23-24 (Modern Language Translation from The Layman’s Parallel Bible), Paul tells us to “… be renewed in your mental attitude, and that you put on the new nature that is created in God’s likeness in genuine righteousness, and holiness.”  For me these past 4 months have been new and different, sometimes difficult, even scary.  I have taken these words to heart and have been making a special effort to look for this “new nature” to be present, and to continuously examine and freshen my thought.  Using this blog as a means to communicate ideas with one another about who, what and where this new nature is to be found, I look forward to both sharing with you what all I’m discovering and hearing back some of what you’re thinking.  Until next Monday…


  1. Carol Kane says

    Hi Kelly and welcome to your new position! I love that you’ve re-started this blog, especially for so many of us who are far-flung around around the State. What a blessing to be able to read what is inspiring you each day and to be able to share our ‘harvest’ with others around the State and, perhaps, even farther! Looking forward to Oct 15th.
    Carol (Silver City CS group and currently in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.)

  2. L. Kelly White says

    Thanks Carol, am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and share together and REALLY appreciate the support from all.