Habits of Thought: Required Weeding?

Yoga Photo by Terri Oda, Canada

About six months ago, a substitute yoga instructor began our class together with the following statement, “Today, let’s work to let go of habits of thought that no longer serve us.”  Woah!  What a concept!  And I thought to myself, “I can do that.”   For months now I have thought back to this idea, ruminated about it, nurtured it and shared it with others. As I consider the many things I have changed my mind about over time, and the ways in which those changes have altered my life for the better, I can’t help but wonder if I could have been even more pro-active in this weeding process.

As a life-long student of Christian Science and someone who appreciates metaphysical and meditative practices, I have become acutely aware that this mental weeding was something I was taught to do early on.  I also found myself grateful for the instructor’s recommendation and gentle reminder that there are definitely others besides me and my clan who deliberately spend time rethinking what we’ve always believed about this or that.  And more importantly, there was the encouragement to “let go of” something that isn’t helpful, productive, even healthy to be thinking.

There are several aspects of all this that I find worth pursuing.  One is the idea of letting go and that changing thought can be done deliberately, purposefully, thoughtfully.  Another is that our thoughts can either serve us (be good for us) or not serve us (be bad for us).  But perhaps the most powerful aspect of all, is the idea that certain thoughts can actually become habitual.  If this is so, how incredibly important it now seems to me to be doing  and making that daily effort to evaluate my thoughts and beliefs and do some removing of that which does not serve me.

Yep, I can definitely do more of this!  Happy weeding everyone!