About Dick Bell

Dick has 40 years of experience in marketing, sales promotion, strategic planning and product development in the international and domestic printing industries. He brings that experience to his work as the NM liaison for Christian Science to the media and the legislature.

After a number of years living in Asia and Europe and other part of the US and NM, Dick is now based in Santa Fe, NM – a community known for its interest in a wide variety of healing practices. He is looking forward to using this blog to share articles on the role spirituality plays in health from a Christian Science perspective.

About this blog

Here in New Mexico we think a lot about what is authentic: authentic Native American art, authentic Territorial architecture, authentic green chile!  Let’s think about the idea of authentic health – what it is and what it isn’t.

This blog will explore the connection between spirituality and health – a connection that has been discussed over centuries by scientists, theologians, deep thinkers and the man-on-the street.  Today more and more people acknowledge the connection between thought and health and are interested in a deeper understanding of how it works.

The goal is to share a spiritual perspective on these trends of thought and to engage in a conversation with others exploring the impact of spirituality and prayer on authentic health.

About the Committee on Publication

The Committee on Publication for New Mexico serves as the media and government relations representative for Christian Science in the state. We meet with reporters, editors, and others in the media and government to ensure that they have accurate information about Christian Science.   In addition, we work with legislators and policy makers as it relates to the accommodation of spiritual practice in the law.

If you are looking for ideas about the connection between spirituality and health or if you are seeking accurate information about Christian Science, we can be a resource for you.   The purpose is not to promote a single religious path, but rather to join the growing dialogue about ways in which thought governs every aspect of our life and how we can put spiritual laws into practice to improve our lives.