Wholly Healthy, A New Year’s View

Wholly Healthy, A New Year's View

In his article Wholly Healthy, A New Year’s View, John Clague, a community blogger from Oregon, recognizes that authentic health requires addressing the whole person, not just bodily symptoms. “The spiritual underpinnings of health have deep roots in ancient times as recorded in the Bible. Jesus, his disciples, and prophets practiced this natural form of health care over many centuries, with remarkable results. This new/old practice of medicine, acknowledging wholeness and the spiritual nature of man, can upgrade health care from mere mechanistic treatment to a sense of connectedness to powerful recuperative energies, including divine Love.”  To read more of this thought provoking article, originally published in OregonLive.com, click here.



Prayer: A Powerful Tool in “Whole Child” Behavior Therapy

Silas at 19

Few issues create greater concern or debate among the medical and mental health communities, parents and legislators than the increased use of psychotropic drugs to treat behavioral “disorders” in children and teens.  The trends, concerns, and issues are difficult for any parent or concerned community member to wrap his/her arms around.

One article on these issues (http://www.slhi.org/pdfs/issue_briefs/ib-2006-August.pdf ) published in Arizona Health Futures a few years ago, provides a thoughtful and thorough overview and recommendations for improvements in diagnosis and dealing with these issues. The recommendations include, among others, this one:Continue Reading