Do You Want Your Child To Thrive?

Do you want your child to thrive?
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“Do you Want your Child to Thrive? was first published by Texas health blogger and healer, Keith Wommack, in the Houston Chronicle on May 18, 2015.  In it he talks about  Dr. Lisa Miller’s research and writings that reveal the importance of fostering spirituality in children as an essential element in their health and safety. In her new book, The Spiritual Child, Dr. Miller states “Spirituality is the last untapped resource in our understanding of human development, resilience and illness, and health and healing.” You will definitely want to click below to read the full article.

During a show, lines of cocaine, marijuana joints, and shots of tequila had been placed on the stage at a young guitarist’s feet. At the end of the show, they were untouched.

Lisa Miller, PhD, believes she knows why.

Dr. Miller, a Columbia University psychologist, in her new book, The Spiritual Child – The New Science on Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving, reveals why psychological and neurological researchers have come to the conclusion that spirituality supplies a protective and healthy advantage.

Spirituality, until relatively recently, interested mainly those of deep faith. Now, spirituality is a cottage industry involving university departments, clinical trials, researchers, writers, and publishers. This is a good thing. Each participant can help us to recognize the value of spirituality.

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Children’s Mental Health Takes a Village

@Glowimages 1574R-013916E.Mental health has been in the New Mexico news recently.  A  transition of behavioral health services to new providers has many concerned. “New Mexico’s most vulnerable mental health patients are facing uncertain times” declares an editorial in The Santa Fe New Mexican and the Albuquerque Journal  reports on the disruption of service to those in need.  Many are frustrated.  Perhaps this is the time for a different perspective.  In his article “Children’s Mental Health Takes a Village” my colleague Eric Nelson cites scientific evidence to suggest a shift in thought could improve our children’s mental health. You’ll want to read this article that originally appeared in The Washington Times. Can the way we perceive others bring out their authentic healthy self? Read more…