If It Heals You Does It Need to Be Measured?

If It Heals You Does It Need to Be Measured?

"If you cannot measure it, it doesn't exist," Brené Brown was told by a research professor when still an aspiring PhD student." This is the start of a great new article recently published in Huffington Post by my colleague in England, Tony Lobl.  He continues:  "Now, many years later and a research Continue Reading

Post-traumatic Strength, through Faith

Post traumatic strength through faith

Here in New Mexico we think a lot about what is authentic and what is not.   Recently, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the idea of authentic health – what it is and what it isn’t.   Is it just the absence of pain or disease? Or a body running smoothly like a well oiled machine?  Or is it Continue Reading

The Price of Forgiveness

Dear Readers,  This is a great piece on forgiveness by a colleague in Massachusetts.  Posted on July 16, 2012 by Ingrid Peschke Ingrid is a health blogger, legislative liaison for Christian Science and spirituality in Massachusetts, and a Christian Science practitioner. How much does Continue Reading

Who Cares?

A Guest Blog By Cynthia P. Barnett · Comments (0) Are you in a caring relationship? I don’t mean with a spouse, parent, child, or friend. I mean with your health care provider. Does your doctor care–really care? And if not, does it matter? Who cares? It turns out, lots of people do. According Continue Reading

Prisons Use Mindfulness Practices to Teach Nonviolence

Luis Palau

Albuquerque's Sunday Journal featured a spread on prisons that are incorporating yoga and other mindfulness practices into working with inmates. This peaked my interest because just earlier in the week, I ran across information about the Mind Body Awareness (MBA) project located in California and Continue Reading

Dementia and Drug Free Solutions

Dear Readers, yesterday's USA Today featured a lengthy piece on Alzheimer's disease focusing on the status of occurrence and treatment as well as on a national effort to increase funding and efforts to find a cure. This piece, by my colleague in London, Tony Lobl, brings a perspective not covered by Continue Reading

Mind-Body-Spirit: Important but not new

Ann Archer

This past week I listened to a great radio talk show, hosted by Elaine Baumgartel, on NM’s public radio station KUNM. The focus of the KUNM Call In Show was, generally speaking, the status of the field of “mind-body” medicine and the role of psychosomatic therapies. The guests included two medical Continue Reading