From Addiction to Freedom

From Addiction to Freedom

For those of us in New Mexico - or anywhere - concerned about the prevalence of addiction, this blog by my colleague Wendy Margolese, “From Addiction to Freedom,” will be of interest. Wendy shares, “Here are two experiences of complete recovery from addiction. Instead of succumbing to the Continue Reading

Who Cares?

A Guest Blog By Cynthia P. Barnett · Comments (0) Are you in a caring relationship? I don’t mean with a spouse, parent, child, or friend. I mean with your health care provider. Does your doctor care–really care? And if not, does it matter? Who cares? It turns out, lots of people do. According Continue Reading

An Alternative to Too Many Meds

Dear Readers, going forward for the next couple of months, I will mostly be posting great blogs by my colleagues from around the US and world. Enjoy this piece by Eric Nelson, my colleague in Northern California.   It’s called polypharmacy.  Put simply, it’s when someone uses more medication Continue Reading

Dementia and Drug Free Solutions

Dear Readers, yesterday's USA Today featured a lengthy piece on Alzheimer's disease focusing on the status of occurrence and treatment as well as on a national effort to increase funding and efforts to find a cure. This piece, by my colleague in London, Tony Lobl, brings a perspective not covered by Continue Reading

Belief and Its Effect on Our Health

Dear Readers, the plethora of studies on placebos today provides a vast and interesting opportunity for us to contemplate the mental nature of health. Enjoy this guest post by Russ Gerber, Spokesperson for the Christian Science church.   Penny Sarchet doesn’t think of herself as a detective, Continue Reading