My time with an Olympic coach

My time with an Olympic coach

Do you ever wonder, when watching the record-breaking achievements of Olympic athletics, “How do they do that?”  My colleague, Linda Ross, from Connecticut had a brief but interesting encounter with an Olympic coach which illustrates the importance thought has on maintaining health in every Continue Reading

Wholly Healthy, A New Year’s View

Wholly Healthy, A New Year's View

In his article Wholly Healthy, A New Year's View, John Clague, a community blogger from Oregon, recognizes that authentic health requires addressing the whole person, not just bodily symptoms. “The spiritual underpinnings of health have deep roots in ancient times as recorded in the Bible. Jesus, Continue Reading

From Addiction to Freedom

From Addiction to Freedom

For those of us in New Mexico - or anywhere - concerned about the prevalence of addiction, this blog by my colleague Wendy Margolese, “From Addiction to Freedom,” will be of interest. Wendy shares, “Here are two experiences of complete recovery from addiction. Instead of succumbing to the Continue Reading

Thought and Health

Courtesy of the More Good Foundation

Dear Friends, "The pressing question today is, What will heal us of our various economic, physical, and social ills? Contrary to pop culture, which encourages instant self-gratification with little demanded of us, the Bible teaches that spiritual healing requires spiritual growth, redemption of Continue Reading

Who Cares?

A Guest Blog By Cynthia P. Barnett · Comments (0) Are you in a caring relationship? I don’t mean with a spouse, parent, child, or friend. I mean with your health care provider. Does your doctor care–really care? And if not, does it matter? Who cares? It turns out, lots of people do. According Continue Reading

Mind-Body-Spirit: Important but not new

Ann Archer

This past week I listened to a great radio talk show, hosted by Elaine Baumgartel, on NM’s public radio station KUNM. The focus of the KUNM Call In Show was, generally speaking, the status of the field of “mind-body” medicine and the role of psychosomatic therapies. The guests included two medical Continue Reading